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Smile! :)

 Smile! Let everyone know that today, you're stronger than you were yesterday.

Smile Anyway

Smile, it’s o.k. You know when your day gets to be a bit tough.  When it seems like things are not working out as you wanted them to.  Of course, you know exactly what I am talking about.  I feel that as well.  It is normal, it is Life.  Maybe it’s Life’s way of keeping us on our toes.  Of making sure that we are reminded that we have help available to us, but we need to ask for it.

Ask for help, it will be given.  You were not brought to this Life to live it alone.  You are not here to be stressed all the time.  Life is supposed to be full of joy and happy times.  So, why does it feel like a struggle sometimes?  That’s because you and I allow others to make things harder for us.  And then allow for outside situations to take over.  What’s a great way to start to overcome that?  I think Smiling is very helpful.   I know it’s easier said that done.  But I have found in my life, that smiling will change things around.  It might not fix that tough situation or person that you have deal with, but it will help you feel a little bit of hope.

Just Smile

Smiling will “trick” your brain into thinking that you are happy.  It will help you feel happy inside, your feelings and your emotions.  If you started off in an irritated or stressful mood when you made yourself smile, then you will end up feeling lighter and like you do want to smile.  I don’t know all the technical aspects of how it works.  But to me all that is important is that it does work.  I have to make myself do it too.  I set up a reminder on my phone calendar to smile.  And it helps me.  It eases me a bit and makes everything seem a bit more manageable. You can set that up on your phone as well or if it works better to do it on a calendar that you can put in your house, do it.  Whatever will remind you and will help you.

Give it a try, let me know how it helps you.

Wishing you great reasons to smile!

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Remember to Breathe

Just Breathe

Don’t Forget to Breathe

The number one thing that is hard to remember when having a bad day is to breathe.  And it is what you need the most.  It helps to clear your mind.  Have you noticed that when you are thinking stressful thoughts that you stop breathing for a moment or your breathing becomes small?  I notice that sometimes when driving or when starting off my day when everything is quiet.

This is the time that I make myself take a large or deep breath.  It says to my mind and body that it is o.k., that I am o.k.

Great Tool for Relaxation and Breathing!

That things are really not as bad as they seem.  That I deserve to have a good day and have good things happen to me.  And you deserve to have a good day and good things happen just as well.


Breathe, Let Go

It can feel as if you get stuck in sad or stressful feelings for whatever the reason.  You don’t have to though.   First of all, it is o.k. and maybe healthy to acknowledge how you are feeling.  It also is helpful to accept those feelings.  Not because you like them or want them, but because it will lessen the strength they may be having on you at the moment.

I Accept my Feelings

Once you accept how you are feeling it gives you a sense of relief.  It makes it o.k. for you to feel that way.   The worry and anxiety can feel like a battle within yourself. Accepting that you feel like that can help lessen that battle.  Be kind and gentle with yourself and what you are going through.  What you think and what you feel is important.

You are important. Take the time to do what is best for you. Your body and your mind. 

This can help you so much! Go ahead and do it for you!

Breathe and say to the world I Can Do This! 

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It Is Only Change

Change Trust The Process

Life is about Change

Oh, Change. You know that feeling. But me, I love to have routine in my life.  If I have a pretty normal way of going about my day it helps me feel balanced.  There are times, especially like now in my life, that big changes have to happen.  They can be stressful and full of anxiety.  They can also be somewhat scary at times.  There are days that the anxiety can take over my thoughts and my feelings.  And there are other days when I feel stronger.  I know that you can feel that way too.  These changes can be pretty much anything that you are going through.

You are not alone and I know that I am not alone, even though it can feel that way sometimes.  And like I said there are changes in your life that are necessary.  In my case I needed to make sure that I was safe and that I was not alone.  I needed to make sure that I was in a good place for me but especially for my young girls.

Sometimes, things happen in life that we never plan would happen.  And these things can make us sad and scared.  It can feel disappointing and discouraging.  It is o.k. for you to feel that way.  Your feelings are valid.  You are important and what you feel is important.  These feelings inside, instinct, can be saying that you are not where you should be and that you need to do something about it. This is the time for action on your part. I know it can be challenging.  But you are always being guided and protected by Life.  All you need to do is ask for that help and protection. Trust that it will be provided for you :).

You CAN Do This

Life is not meant to be lived full of fear or sadness.  You have gifts in you that you have to share with the world.  One of them is love.  And the first step is showing yourself Love. And showing those important in your life that Love.  You can overcome this challenging situation.  You are not alone.  The strength and peace that you are looking for is right inside of you.  Reach in, and grab it fully.  Life is about change, it is is necessary.  And when you come out to the other side of it you will see that you are o.k. and even better than before. Don’t lose that trust in Life.

Don’t Give Up!  Keep Going!

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The Life Changing Words of Dr. Joseph Murphy

the cover of the paperback book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy


Hi! How are you doing today?  I hope that your day has been great so far. Mine is just beginning.  I have made my bed, awesome sauce! and meditated this morning.  I have done some deep breathing and a great abs workout.  Feeling awake and ready to go! Power!

So , now I feel centered and focused and ready to share with you what is on my mind today.

Have you heard of the book The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy?  This is an older book, first published in 1963.  I have the paperback and it has pages that are no longer white and wanting to fall out.  Looks a bit silly I think. But this book I first read years ago, maybe before my oldest daughter was born.  She is now 6 years old.  So, when I first read it was right after I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  This was such an eye opener and an introduction to a new way of thinking and living for me.

Be Open and Change Your Life

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind enforces the fact that our thoughts make our life.  We are 100% responsible for what our life is and what it looks like.  What we focus on in our thoughts is what we truly experience.  It talks about how those that are poor are always thinking “I can’t afford it”, “I am poor”, etc.  But it also says that those that are wealthy focus on wealth.  Their mindset is the opposite than those that are not wealthy.  Even if they don’t have it yet, they focus on wealth.  They say to themselves things such as “I am wealthy”, “I am growing richer everyday”, “Money comes to me easily”.

So for me, taking responsibility for what my life is and has been regarding my financial state has been a big eye-opener.  I can see now how my life has been a bit of a struggle because of these beliefs.  I have also seen positive changes. Especially recently because I have let go of things that I didn’t know were keeping me stuck in a numb and maybe dark place.

There are so many other topics in this wonderful book that I can share with you at another time.  But for now, because this is what is on my mind today, this is what is speaking to me.  I love love this book and have read it many times.  I go back still to get reminders.  It always speaks to me.  It’s like a good friend that always knows what to say when I need that encouragement and love.

I am so thankful for The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.  I hope you read it and that it inspires you as well.

Hoping for you the very best Always.

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Why Read? Reading is So Great

Reading is so important to my day. I am a happy mom when I get quiet time to read a wonderful book. I get to go to my happy place. My favorite books to read are self-help and spiritual. They always make me feel more positive and more at peace.

reading an  book on the wood floor with small white butterflies and soft white flowers

The Benefits of Reading:

*Helps you overcome stress and worry.  Our days can be full of challenges but that is all part of life and part of our growing process.  When we can find that sweet book and get into that peaceful and inspiring place then we are able to relax.  It helps us feel calm and may help us come back to any issues in a relaxed manner.


*Exercises our wonderful brains.  This helps us keep our minds nice and sharp.  It improves our concentration and slows down the decline of our memory that so many experience especially as we age.


*When you read often, you sleep better.  I know how great it feels after I’ve read a good book. I feel relaxed and at peace and I can go off to sleep feeling good and get the rest that I need.


*Reading stimulates creativity.  Now, I don’t feel I am a creative person, or that I ever have been.  I hope that I can become creative because I will continue to read and share with you guys what I enjoy.

I want The Emerald Garden to be the best for you.





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Your Happiness is Important

Happiness. It is Ok to Love Yourself!

 Your Are Important

Your Happiness is Important

Happiness -It’s o.k. for you to want to be happy.

You worry about making sure everybody else in your life is happy.  There is nothing wrong with wanting your loved ones to be happy.  But not at the expense of pushing your happiness and peace aside.  I am a big people pleaser, always have been.  But there is a balance.  And I’m not there yet, but I am working  on this.

You need to make sure that your wants and needs are a priority as well. It’s about learning to love yourself.  No one can do it for you.  Only you can do that for yourself.  You are worthy of the time and effort that it takes.  No matter what you are going through, it is o.k. to feel the way that you do.  Your feelings are important, because you are important.  Stand up for you and your life will be so much greater.  Your loved ones will love you no matter what.

So, start today, learning to make yourself a priority.  Love Yourself.

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Do It Anyway!

Fight Through The Fear

Fight Fear-Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the live you've always imagined.

Do you ever feel fear or stress about a situation?  I know that I feel that way more than I would like.  Especially now. I am going through a change in my life.  Getting past a challenging time can seem impossible at times.  I feel that way too.  But I am blessed.  I have wonderful and  loving people in my life who help me see otherwise.  They give me positive and encouraging words to keep going.  They help me see that I can get through this.  Even when I am feeling stuck.  I feel scared, and most of the time for reasons that may only exist in my mind.  But they feel real to me.  But as Louise Hay says “You can handle anything that comes your way”.

It Is Possible

Yes, it is possible.  It might not feel that way right now as you are going through your struggle.  But life is about growth.  And for growth to happen we have to overcome these so called struggles.

Most of the time the fear is only in your head but you can move through it.  It might not happen right away.  You have to work on it.  Calm your mind by believing in yourself.  Remind yourself that you are strong.  Remember how you have made it through other difficult times.  Be proud of yourself and be your number one fan.  And don’t forget to breathe, this one is very important.  This will always help you move through the worry that you are thinking about.  It will help you move through the anxiety that you feel in your body.  Don’t beat yourself up.  You are doing the very best that you can and that you know how.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  And in no time you will see yourself past that situation that seemed so hard at the time.

I believe in You! You can do it, you’re a warrior!

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Making The Best of Your Morning

Good Morning!

Best Morning -Yes, here you are with me this morning.

I appreciate it, thank you so much.

Best Morning-You know that moment when you wake up in the morning full of energy? Yeah, me neither.
Super Funny ! Had to share


I know how easy it is especially during Summer vacation to want to get right back into bed.  My daughter is off from school and we spend a lot of time at home, which I love.  My two daughters are truly the happiness in my soul.  So, when I know that they are off in sweet slumber still at 6 in the morning I want to do the same.

But let me tell you, if you can spend that time in the morning, in the quiet of the day, doing what you enjoy and being productive it will make your day so much better.


Make Your Bed

I have found that if I make my bed right away then I am less likely to get back into it and sleep away a few more hours. And let me tell you, my brand new bed is amazing and so comfortable :).

I have days that can be hectic with appointments, going to the park and doing home school learning and activities.  That one little action of making my bed will wake me up and get me going.  Of course, the cup of coffee that I get to enjoy is helpful as well. Once I am up and my body knows it, it is easier to get started with my brand new day.  The birds are outside chirping, happy and beautiful.  Good Morning sweet birds! Best Morning.

Look at this Morning Ritual Mastery here! 

Now What? Move It!

So now that I’m up what do I do?  Well, today for instance, I grabbed my cup of coffee, put on some workout gear and tennis shoes and did a quick 10 min Oxycise! workout.  Let me tell you, this workout takes some getting used to because of the deep wonderful breathing.  But once you get it, you will start feeling energized and alert.  You will feel happy that you did something so good for yourself.  And if you do it consistently you will see and feel your body tone up and your clothes become looser, whoohoo!

Of course, I don’t stick with one type of workout or exercise even though Oxycise! is one of my favorites.  I like to switch it up, I do tend to get bored easily.  Weight lifting I enjoy as well, mostly at home and thanks to Youtube there is plenty to keep me interested and motivated. Oh and how can I forget Zumba! I love love Zumba! But I prefer it in person, in a class dancing away with the rest of the zumbaers, is that a word? haha.

O.k., so, I have my heart pumping, my body and mind are awake and now it’s time for some work online and to get my blog going while my sweet little ones sleep some more.  Once I am done, we of course have running around to do.  We will have a wonderful day, especially because I made sure to start it this way, for me and especially, for them.

Best Morning. Ohh Happy Day!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

I hope that you too have a wonderful morning and rest of the day.  Know that these little things really help.  It takes some time and you will not always get it right, but that’s o.k., you are o.k.

Wishing you a best morning and magnificent day! Don’t forget to check this out!

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