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Making The Best of Your Morning

Good Morning!

Best Morning -Yes, here you are with me this morning.

I appreciate it, thank you so much.

Best Morning-You know that moment when you wake up in the morning full of energy? Yeah, me neither.
Super Funny ! Had to share


I know how easy it is especially during Summer vacation to want to get right back into bed.  My daughter is off from school and we spend a lot of time at home, which I love.  My two daughters are truly the happiness in my soul.  So, when I know that they are off in sweet slumber still at 6 in the morning I want to do the same.

But let me tell you, if you can spend that time in the morning, in the quiet of the day, doing what you enjoy and being productive it will make your day so much better.


Make Your Bed

I have found that if I make my bed right away then I am less likely to get back into it and sleep away a few more hours. And let me tell you, my brand new bed is amazing and so comfortable :).

I have days that can be hectic with appointments, going to the park and doing home school learning and activities.  That one little action of making my bed will wake me up and get me going.  Of course, the cup of coffee that I get to enjoy is helpful as well. Once I am up and my body knows it, it is easier to get started with my brand new day.  The birds are outside chirping, happy and beautiful.  Good Morning sweet birds! Best Morning.

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Now What? Move It!

So now that I’m up what do I do?  Well, today for instance, I grabbed my cup of coffee, put on some workout gear and tennis shoes and did a quick 10 min Oxycise! workout.  Let me tell you, this workout takes some getting used to because of the deep wonderful breathing.  But once you get it, you will start feeling energized and alert.  You will feel happy that you did something so good for yourself.  And if you do it consistently you will see and feel your body tone up and your clothes become looser, whoohoo!

Of course, I don’t stick with one type of workout or exercise even though Oxycise! is one of my favorites.  I like to switch it up, I do tend to get bored easily.  Weight lifting I enjoy as well, mostly at home and thanks to Youtube there is plenty to keep me interested and motivated. Oh and how can I forget Zumba! I love love Zumba! But I prefer it in person, in a class dancing away with the rest of the zumbaers, is that a word? haha.

O.k., so, I have my heart pumping, my body and mind are awake and now it’s time for some work online and to get my blog going while my sweet little ones sleep some more.  Once I am done, we of course have running around to do.  We will have a wonderful day, especially because I made sure to start it this way, for me and especially, for them.

Best Morning. Ohh Happy Day!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

I hope that you too have a wonderful morning and rest of the day.  Know that these little things really help.  It takes some time and you will not always get it right, but that’s o.k., you are o.k.

Wishing you a best morning and magnificent day! Don’t forget to check this out!

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