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Why Read? Reading is So Great

Reading is so important to my day. I am a happy mom when I get quiet time to read a wonderful book. I get to go to my happy place. My favorite books to read are self-help and spiritual. They always make me feel more positive and more at peace.

reading an  book on the wood floor with small white butterflies and soft white flowers

The Benefits of Reading:

*Helps you overcome stress and worry.  Our days can be full of challenges but that is all part of life and part of our growing process.  When we can find that sweet book and get into that peaceful and inspiring place then we are able to relax.  It helps us feel calm and may help us come back to any issues in a relaxed manner.


*Exercises our wonderful brains.  This helps us keep our minds nice and sharp.  It improves our concentration and slows down the decline of our memory that so many experience especially as we age.


*When you read often, you sleep better.  I know how great it feels after I’ve read a good book. I feel relaxed and at peace and I can go off to sleep feeling good and get the rest that I need.


*Reading stimulates creativity.  Now, I don’t feel I am a creative person, or that I ever have been.  I hope that I can become creative because I will continue to read and share with you guys what I enjoy.

I want The Emerald Garden to be the best for you.





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