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It’s Okay not to be Okay

Not feeling okay. It's okay not to be okay

Things Can Get Tough

Not feeling okay. You’ve had those days before.  The ones where you feel down. The days where there are things going on in your life that are tiring you out. They make you feel anxious and stressed. They cause all types of worries and frustration.  You try to push those feelings away and try to push in the positive ones.  Sometimes it feels like a battle inside.  You are just not there no matter how hard you try. Then all that internal fighting gets you down and gets you tired.

I know exactly how you feel.  You are not alone.  There are others who are feeling this way. We are going through different things but the feelings we experience are the same.

Be Kind

Don’t beat yourself down about it. Don’t feel bad if you can’t get out of that sadness as fast as you would like.  All of your feelings are valid. It’s okay that you are not where you want to be. Just don’t give up trying to get out. Sometimes all you need to do is accept that you feel that way. Give yourself that permission.  Say to yourself “I know that I am not okay right now. I know that it is not how I want to feel. But I am okay.”

You want to feel good and happy.  You want to feel strong and in charge.  And in the meantime while you make your way out of the bad feelings to those good feelings, be kind to yourself. Take care of yourself and do something that will make you feel good, even if it’s just a little better.

You’re Not Alone

For me, when I feel down and maybe worn out because of stress, frustration and sometimes fear, I go sit and relax.  I get out my journal and I write everything out.  In whatever way it comes out.  It needs to come out of your body and not get stuck in their and cause harm. I feel that it helps me to let out those feelings. It’s a healthy and helpful way to deal with it. In the past I have held it in and pushed it way down to try to ignore it. They come up and they affect my health, especially my skin and digestive health.

But I have decided and have the tools to deal with them no matter how hard it is. I give myself the permission to work those out.  I don’t want them in my thoughts or in my body. Get out! I deserve better! I deserve to be well and healthy and happy!

Not Feeling Okay. That’s Okay.

You deserve that as well.  Just take those steps to figuring out what will work for you. Maybe it’s journaling like I do. Or maybe exercising will help. I use affirmations and read super helpful uplifting books as well. Maybe just watching something funny on t.v. or online will make a difference. It all helps, it all adds up.  In the end we will be happy and healthy people, for ourselves, for our wonderful families.

You Can Do It and You Deserve It! You Are Okay, even if you are not feeling okay 🙂

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Using Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

How I use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil. I can’t say enough about this oil or any of the essential oils. I have not used them for very long but I am learning to love them.  A wonderful person in my life introduced them to me a few months ago.  I’ve enjoyed  learning about all the different types of essential oils and what their benefits are.  They are part of my every day life.

I use them to spray around my house because they smell so good.  A also use them when I clean my house.  They are used everywhere, in the bathroom, in the bedrooms, kitchen, you name it. In the bedding and around shoes and toys, I spray them all up.  Around my doorways and outside too.  I use it to keep away any insects that want to come it. Not welcome! lol.

So Helpful

So, let me tell you about this great oil that I always have with me.  It is Peppermint Oil.  I truly enjoy the minty and fresh smell of it.  When I use it in my diffuser it fills my whole room with such a refreshing smell.  It makes me feel alert and focused, which I love.  In the morning when I need to get work done, this oil helps me to stay focused and to get my things done.  But it also helps during the afternoon when I feel the weight of the day starting to come down on me.  That way I continue to make my day productive and get all my things done. I’ve noticed how much my girls enjoy it as well.  And that to me is a great benefit.

Helps Me Feel Better

Sometimes when I start feeling a headache or nausea I love applying the oil to the back of my head and temples.  I mix it in with coconut oil so that it doesn’t cause any skin irritation.  It can feel a bit tingly on my skin and then it helps ease the discomfort that I was feeling.  I have a mixture that was gifted to me that includes the peppermint oil mixed in with the coconut oil.  It is for focus.  It says on the bottle Study Focus.  I have benefited from using it when I have to drive and have a lot of appointments or running around to do.  It has helped me like I mentioned, when I have to sit for a while and get some work done as well.

Peppermint Essential Oil

I truly feel that Peppermint Essential Oil is so helpful to me and my family.  It helps us in so many different ways and I make sure I always have it in our home.  Please share with me what you use this great oil for.  I would love to hear from you.

Sending you love and wishing the best for you!! 

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Let Me Share Something Great With You!

Great Tool. You Are In Control Of Your Life

Listen To This!

A Great Tool in my life. I enjoy learning new things especially if they will help me in my life.  I hope that you feel the same way.  You are here with me learning with me and reading what I have to share so I feel that you do as well.  Thank you so much for taking the time to join me in this little place, this garden of ours.  I truly appreciate your company.

A few years ago, right before becoming pregnant with my sweet and oldest daughter, I decided that I wanted to lose some weight.  I was not happy with my body.  I didn’t feel good in my body.  The way that my clothes fit was not making me happy.  In fact, I just wanted to hide any chance that I got.  That is not a good way to feel.  It is very sad and very lonely.  It’s like living in a battle with yourself everyday.

I have felt that I had a weight issue my whole life.  I remember being about 9 and wanting my mom to buy me slim fast so that I could lose the weight that I felt was making me feel ugly.  What a sad thing for a little girl to think and to feel.  And now having my own two little girls younger than that, I don’t want them to ever feel that way.  But I have learned and still am learning that this is something that we have to move through on our own.

You Can Get Healthy

We have to learn that we are worthy of caring and loving ourselves.  First we have to accept ourselves for who we are including what we look like.  But then we have to know that we are worth the time and effort to get healthy.  To get healthy physically but also mentally with ourselves.

Strength Control

For me it was learning how to listen to my body and give it what it needs.  I always felt that I couldn’t control my appetite and had to eat everything that I wanted and a lot of it.   It was bad, to the point of sadness and making myself physically sick. I know now that there are issues that I was dealing with and still sometimes deal with that I try to cover up with eating.  Eating is for nurturing our bodies and for giving our bodies the energy it needs.  I have learned to control my eating better and there are still days that I let it go out of hand.  But then I realize what is going on and that I need attention somewhere else in my life.  I have other ways that I am learning to succeed with that.

But what I want to share with you today is a great tool that I has helped me so much.  I came across this when I first learned that eating was not the answer to everything that I was dealing with. That I could be in control of it and of my body.  I learned that I am not a victim and that I control my body and what I put into it.  This great tool is the wonderful book:  Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon.  This completely opened up my mind to a different and better way of living.  I love how it helped me feel in control and strong.  I love how it gave me the tools I needed to take back my life after so many years of overeating and hiding in shame.

Great Tool. Help Yourself!

There are so many great tools out there and so many not so great.  And you have to do your research and listen to what will speak to you.  I feel that there are so many things that will work.  But not everything will work for everyone.

But this helped me and if it could help you too I want to share it with you. So, do yourself a favor and look into this wonderful tool Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon.  It is somewhat new and it is very exciting.  You will feel so in control of your life with this great tool and will help you become healthy and strong in so many ways.  Good luck and let me know how wonderful it works for you!

Sending you love and wishing the best for you always. 🙂

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