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Using Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

How I use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil. I can’t say enough about this oil or any of the essential oils. I have not used them for very long but I am learning to love them.  A wonderful person in my life introduced them to me a few months ago.  I’ve enjoyed  learning about all the different types of essential oils and what their benefits are.  They are part of my every day life.

I use them to spray around my house because they smell so good.  A also use them when I clean my house.  They are used everywhere, in the bathroom, in the bedrooms, kitchen, you name it. In the bedding and around shoes and toys, I spray them all up.  Around my doorways and outside too.  I use it to keep away any insects that want to come it. Not welcome! lol.

So Helpful

So, let me tell you about this great oil that I always have with me.  It is Peppermint Oil.  I truly enjoy the minty and fresh smell of it.  When I use it in my diffuser it fills my whole room with such a refreshing smell.  It makes me feel alert and focused, which I love.  In the morning when I need to get work done, this oil helps me to stay focused and to get my things done.  But it also helps during the afternoon when I feel the weight of the day starting to come down on me.  That way I continue to make my day productive and get all my things done. I’ve noticed how much my girls enjoy it as well.  And that to me is a great benefit.

Helps Me Feel Better

Sometimes when I start feeling a headache or nausea I love applying the oil to the back of my head and temples.  I mix it in with coconut oil so that it doesn’t cause any skin irritation.  It can feel a bit tingly on my skin and then it helps ease the discomfort that I was feeling.  I have a mixture that was gifted to me that includes the peppermint oil mixed in with the coconut oil.  It is for focus.  It says on the bottle Study Focus.  I have benefited from using it when I have to drive and have a lot of appointments or running around to do.  It has helped me like I mentioned, when I have to sit for a while and get some work done as well.

Peppermint Essential Oil

I truly feel that Peppermint Essential Oil is so helpful to me and my family.  It helps us in so many different ways and I make sure I always have it in our home.  Please share with me what you use this great oil for.  I would love to hear from you.

Sending you love and wishing the best for you!! 

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