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What Makes You Feel Loved?

You’ve got so much going on.

How do you get there, so that you are Feeling Loved? You’re so busy, I know it . You’re a mom, you’re a wife, maybe a dad, a husband, a career professional and so on. You have so much to do, especially for those important people in your life. But do you ever stop to give Yourself some special time. Time that you deserve and time that I know you need. I know that I can feel “selfish” at times when I want to have some quiet or me time. But being selfish, if it’s to help you and help your life, is not necessarily a bad thing. I know in my life, in the past, I have been told I was selfish for wanting and needing certain time for me. But it’s not true.

Feeling Loved. You Deserve It

Go ahead. Find out what you need.

I enjoy very much spending time with those that I love, and that is especially true when it comes to my love partner. I have found that to feel loved I need to have that time and attention just for me. That is very important. I am proud that I have been able to realize that about myself. But it is such a bigger accomplishment for me to be able to Ask for it and know that I deserve it. I have a very special person in my life and he always tells me “You deserve it”. And you know what, he is helping me see that I do deserve it. That shows me how unselfish he is and how caring his love is for me.

Do you get what you want and need from your loved ones? From your partner? Maybe they don’t know what that may be. It’s okay to ask for it. It’s okay to want it.

This is what I do.

I have also found that being alone and having quiet time for me helps my week. It helps me feel rested and recharged for those that are important in my life. And my mood is much better as well. Here is what I do. I don’t do it everyday because I am on the go so much. But I do it once a week. After dropping off my girls at school in the morning, I am able to come home for a few hours. I make myself some hot and sweet coffee, I love Gevalia and maybe a small snack of honey roasted almonds like these, yum yum. And I take them to my bedroom where I sit on my comfortable bed in my quiet room. I do a meditation where I focus on my breath and clear my mind and completely relax.

Then after I am done I will have my snack and I will read. I love to read. It puts me in such a calm and positive space that replenishes my soul. Let me share with you what I am reading right now. It is The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self by Nick Ortner. This book is so amazing so far. It is easy to read and I enjoy doing the tapping exercises, I am healing my Life!! I get so excited, haha :).

So that is my simple 30 minute relaxation me time that I do for myself. Sometimes I can do an hour and it is so wonderful for me and my day.

What can you do today for Yourself? So that you are Feeling Loved?

It can be anything really. You can take a 5 minute walk outside if the weather permits. What about reading or writing for 5, 10 minutes or more? You can draw if that is what you like. I enjoy drawing very much. I will sometimes work on my Mandalas, take a look at this. Even though I am just starting out, I really do like how relaxing and inspiring it is. I also find that putting on music helps me feel better. So I do that for me. And if it’s dancing that I am in the mood for, I will dance for a song or two. I really like 90’s and 2000’s music, the dancey once especially put me in a good mood.

Those are just a few of the many things that we can do, that you can do to make yourself a priority. It is okay to make sure you are happy first and taken care of first. Your life will be so much better for it.

Please share with me what works for you.

Sending you lots of good energy and love. ūüôā

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Yes You Can Get Relief from Digestive Issues

Digestive Relief-Be Gentle With Yourself

Digestive Relief

You want digestive relief. Of course. You suffer from digestive issues pretty often. And you feel that you get sick a lot.

I understand what you are going through. ¬†I had a lot of stomach issues that I have been able to clear up withing the last 6 months or so. ¬†The pain was so much for many many years. ¬†I would go to the doctor and they always told me the same thing. They would say you must have ate something that upset your stomach. You are normal, this will pass. ¬†But it didn’t pass and how sad that it had to be normal. ¬†It was awful pain and on most occasions it lasted up to a month at a time where it was every single day. ¬†Nothing that I would do or take would help me.

How it started

It started out mildly when I was about 13 or so.  I remember that mostly everything I ate would upset my stomach.  As I went off to college I still became sick and found myself taking the little light blue medicine daily.  Then as I became older, had my sweet girls and was married it seemed to only get worse.  Towards the end of the marriage I went to a different doctor that said I had I.B.S.  I felt a bit relieved that at least I knew what was going on but still was getting sick.

Here is the Why

I was prescribed medicine that helped me but I took it once my symptoms were awful and it put me right to sleep. ¬†I changed my diet because I noticed that food with gluten was causing me to be sick. ¬†The doctor had mentioned that there is no known cause for I.B.S. but that it could be a food allergy or the result of stress. ¬†I couldn’t really see at that time that it Was stress in my life and my relationship at that time that was causing this to appear in my body.

Moving Forward

How do I know that?  Well due to a scary emotional and physical situation, I asked for a divorce and left my girls dad.  About 2 months after that moment, I noticed that I not only wanted to try gluten filled foods but felt that somehow I could and I would be o.k.  I prayed that I would be healed from whatever was causing me to get sick.  I asked for strength and guidance.  And slowly, with great faith, I started including breads and tortillas etc, into my diet.  And I was shocked but not really surprised that my body was o.k.  I was super happy and gentle with myself.

Relief Begins

During this time I also started using essential oils for my stomach issues.  Especially Ginger.  Ginger is so helpful with digestive issues.  It was in a mixture that was given to me as a gift by a special person. I rolled this onto my belly and onto the bottom of my feet when I did get the symptoms.  I no longer had to be taking that strong medication for I.B.S. And I had decided I no longer had I.B.S and that I could eat everything and be well.  Your mind really is in control of your body.  I was very impressed by how well the essential oils help me to be healthy.  I believe in them so much now and try to share with my family, my friends and now You.

Try This for Digestive Relief!

I put about 2 drops of the essential oil Ginger on a cotton ball now if I get an upset stomach and rub it onto my belly. ¬†The smell can be strong, but it’s worth sticking it out because you will experience relief.

I hope this information will help you get the relief that you need. Take care of yourself. You are worth it.

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