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Yes You Can Get Relief from Digestive Issues

Digestive Relief-Be Gentle With Yourself

Digestive Relief

You want digestive relief. Of course. You suffer from digestive issues pretty often. And you feel that you get sick a lot.

I understand what you are going through.  I had a lot of stomach issues that I have been able to clear up withing the last 6 months or so.  The pain was so much for many many years.  I would go to the doctor and they always told me the same thing. They would say you must have ate something that upset your stomach. You are normal, this will pass.  But it didn’t pass and how sad that it had to be normal.  It was awful pain and on most occasions it lasted up to a month at a time where it was every single day.  Nothing that I would do or take would help me.

How it started

It started out mildly when I was about 13 or so.  I remember that mostly everything I ate would upset my stomach.  As I went off to college I still became sick and found myself taking the little light blue medicine daily.  Then as I became older, had my sweet girls and was married it seemed to only get worse.  Towards the end of the marriage I went to a different doctor that said I had I.B.S.  I felt a bit relieved that at least I knew what was going on but still was getting sick.

Here is the Why

I was prescribed medicine that helped me but I took it once my symptoms were awful and it put me right to sleep.  I changed my diet because I noticed that food with gluten was causing me to be sick.  The doctor had mentioned that there is no known cause for I.B.S. but that it could be a food allergy or the result of stress.  I couldn’t really see at that time that it Was stress in my life and my relationship at that time that was causing this to appear in my body.

Moving Forward

How do I know that?  Well due to a scary emotional and physical situation, I asked for a divorce and left my girls dad.  About 2 months after that moment, I noticed that I not only wanted to try gluten filled foods but felt that somehow I could and I would be o.k.  I prayed that I would be healed from whatever was causing me to get sick.  I asked for strength and guidance.  And slowly, with great faith, I started including breads and tortillas etc, into my diet.  And I was shocked but not really surprised that my body was o.k.  I was super happy and gentle with myself.

Relief Begins

During this time I also started using essential oils for my stomach issues.  Especially Ginger.  Ginger is so helpful with digestive issues.  It was in a mixture that was given to me as a gift by a special person. I rolled this onto my belly and onto the bottom of my feet when I did get the symptoms.  I no longer had to be taking that strong medication for I.B.S. And I had decided I no longer had I.B.S and that I could eat everything and be well.  Your mind really is in control of your body.  I was very impressed by how well the essential oils help me to be healthy.  I believe in them so much now and try to share with my family, my friends and now You.

Try This for Digestive Relief!

I put about 2 drops of the essential oil Ginger on a cotton ball now if I get an upset stomach and rub it onto my belly.  The smell can be strong, but it’s worth sticking it out because you will experience relief.

I hope this information will help you get the relief that you need. Take care of yourself. You are worth it.

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Using Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

How I use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil. I can’t say enough about this oil or any of the essential oils. I have not used them for very long but I am learning to love them.  A wonderful person in my life introduced them to me a few months ago.  I’ve enjoyed  learning about all the different types of essential oils and what their benefits are.  They are part of my every day life.

I use them to spray around my house because they smell so good.  A also use them when I clean my house.  They are used everywhere, in the bathroom, in the bedrooms, kitchen, you name it. In the bedding and around shoes and toys, I spray them all up.  Around my doorways and outside too.  I use it to keep away any insects that want to come it. Not welcome! lol.

So Helpful

So, let me tell you about this great oil that I always have with me.  It is Peppermint Oil.  I truly enjoy the minty and fresh smell of it.  When I use it in my diffuser it fills my whole room with such a refreshing smell.  It makes me feel alert and focused, which I love.  In the morning when I need to get work done, this oil helps me to stay focused and to get my things done.  But it also helps during the afternoon when I feel the weight of the day starting to come down on me.  That way I continue to make my day productive and get all my things done. I’ve noticed how much my girls enjoy it as well.  And that to me is a great benefit.

Helps Me Feel Better

Sometimes when I start feeling a headache or nausea I love applying the oil to the back of my head and temples.  I mix it in with coconut oil so that it doesn’t cause any skin irritation.  It can feel a bit tingly on my skin and then it helps ease the discomfort that I was feeling.  I have a mixture that was gifted to me that includes the peppermint oil mixed in with the coconut oil.  It is for focus.  It says on the bottle Study Focus.  I have benefited from using it when I have to drive and have a lot of appointments or running around to do.  It has helped me like I mentioned, when I have to sit for a while and get some work done as well.

Peppermint Essential Oil

I truly feel that Peppermint Essential Oil is so helpful to me and my family.  It helps us in so many different ways and I make sure I always have it in our home.  Please share with me what you use this great oil for.  I would love to hear from you.

Sending you love and wishing the best for you!! 

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Get Well Soon

Feel Better

Get Well Soon.

How are you feeling today?  Have you been ill for a few days, weeks or maybe longer? You may have a lot going on in your life. Yes, it happens. And it happens to you, to me, to all of us.  Doesn’t it seem like you are always running back and forth or that you are so busy?  And as a result, you end up getting sick and don’t even know how.

Start the Healing

There are a few things that can help you start to heal.

  • Relax, slow down. Give yourself a little break. Lay down even if you only have a few minutes. When you are not feeling well you want that extra gentle care. And maybe even need others to be able to care for you.  But most of the time that is not possible. But you know what? You can always take care of yourself. You can be there to be kind and show yourself the love you need so you can feel better.
  • Find the things on your to do list and the things that are not priority leave for another day when you are feeling better. It’s o.k. if those dishes don’t get done, they can wait.  Maybe reach out and ask a loved one for help.  I know for me it is hard because I want to do it all myself, my way.  But it’s o.k. to do that when you need to heal.  If it’s not done like you like it is fine. Don’t worry.
  • Another thing that I find helpful is using essential oils when I am feeling down or not as healthy as I would like.  I like to use the essential oil Frankincense.  I place it in my diffuser and the smell is so soothing.  Frankincense can be helpful in fighting cold and flus.  This essential oil is great at fighting pain that you may have as well as boosting your immune system.  Read more about it here. 

Sometimes, your situation is that you are far away from your loved ones.  That doesn’t mean that you are forgotten, though. You are still cared for, you are missed and you are always loved.  If you are not around others that can help you then start by helping yourself.  Let yourself get better.


Get well soon

Of Course You Matter!

Get Well Soon

You are worthy of being healthy and happy. 

Your body might be trying to tell you something. Maybe it’s time to try to slow down a bit. Most of all, you probably need to get a little rest, take a little break. It’s o.k. You need it. Get well. Give yourself that permission, because you are worthy and deserve it.



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Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil in a glass bottle surrounded by the flower and a lit candle

 Geranium Essential Oil –

This great oil can be such a great addition to your life, to your health.

It can help with physical, emotional and mental health.

 If you buy it for the smell alone, you will be happy, because it is so floral and so very nice.

I am learning so much about Essential Oils.  I am starting to use them for practically everything and on a daily basis.

Look here to get ideas and more. They are great!

It makes me happy to know that Essential Oils are so helpful for me and for my family.


Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil Benefits:

The Geranium Essential Oil has so many great benefits.  

  • It helps to reduces stress and depression.  It’s known to help those who suffer from anxiety and anger.
  • Improves circulation and maintains blood pressure healthy.
  • Great for skin because it supports the regeneration of new cells in the body.
  • Improves dental health.  Helps tighten gums to prevent loose teeth.
  • Heals wounds faster because it keeps infections from developing.
  • Helps to eliminate the toxins from the body.  I especially was interested in this oil to try to help my mom who has lymphodema on her arm. This oil would be helpful in helping to reduce the swelling that she experiences.
  • Finally, it contains a pleasant aroma and helps eliminate body odor and makes it a great deodorant.

I would love to know what you use these Essential Oils for.

Don’t forget to check this out for more information on Essential Oils!


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