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What Makes You Feel Loved?

You’ve got so much going on.

How do you get there, so that you are Feeling Loved? You’re so busy, I know it . You’re a mom, you’re a wife, maybe a dad, a husband, a career professional and so on. You have so much to do, especially for those important people in your life. But do you ever stop to give Yourself some special time. Time that you deserve and time that I know you need. I know that I can feel “selfish” at times when I want to have some quiet or me time. But being selfish, if it’s to help you and help your life, is not necessarily a bad thing. I know in my life, in the past, I have been told I was selfish for wanting and needing certain time for me. But it’s not true.

Feeling Loved. You Deserve It

Go ahead. Find out what you need.

I enjoy very much spending time with those that I love, and that is especially true when it comes to my love partner. I have found that to feel loved I need to have that time and attention just for me. That is very important. I am proud that I have been able to realize that about myself. But it is such a bigger accomplishment for me to be able to Ask for it and know that I deserve it. I have a very special person in my life and he always tells me “You deserve it”. And you know what, he is helping me see that I do deserve it. That shows me how unselfish he is and how caring his love is for me.

Do you get what you want and need from your loved ones? From your partner? Maybe they don’t know what that may be. It’s okay to ask for it. It’s okay to want it.

This is what I do.

I have also found that being alone and having quiet time for me helps my week. It helps me feel rested and recharged for those that are important in my life. And my mood is much better as well. Here is what I do. I don’t do it everyday because I am on the go so much. But I do it once a week. After dropping off my girls at school in the morning, I am able to come home for a few hours. I make myself some hot and sweet coffee, I love Gevalia and maybe a small snack of honey roasted almonds like these, yum yum. And I take them to my bedroom where I sit on my comfortable bed in my quiet room. I do a meditation where I focus on my breath and clear my mind and completely relax.

Then after I am done I will have my snack and I will read. I love to read. It puts me in such a calm and positive space that replenishes my soul. Let me share with you what I am reading right now. It is The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self by Nick Ortner. This book is so amazing so far. It is easy to read and I enjoy doing the tapping exercises, I am healing my Life!! I get so excited, haha :).

So that is my simple 30 minute relaxation me time that I do for myself. Sometimes I can do an hour and it is so wonderful for me and my day.

What can you do today for Yourself? So that you are Feeling Loved?

It can be anything really. You can take a 5 minute walk outside if the weather permits. What about reading or writing for 5, 10 minutes or more? You can draw if that is what you like. I enjoy drawing very much. I will sometimes work on my Mandalas, take a look at this. Even though I am just starting out, I really do like how relaxing and inspiring it is. I also find that putting on music helps me feel better. So I do that for me. And if it’s dancing that I am in the mood for, I will dance for a song or two. I really like 90’s and 2000’s music, the dancey once especially put me in a good mood.

Those are just a few of the many things that we can do, that you can do to make yourself a priority. It is okay to make sure you are happy first and taken care of first. Your life will be so much better for it.

Please share with me what works for you.

Sending you lots of good energy and love. 🙂

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Let Me Share Something Great With You!

Great Tool. You Are In Control Of Your Life

Listen To This!

A Great Tool in my life. I enjoy learning new things especially if they will help me in my life.  I hope that you feel the same way.  You are here with me learning with me and reading what I have to share so I feel that you do as well.  Thank you so much for taking the time to join me in this little place, this garden of ours.  I truly appreciate your company.

A few years ago, right before becoming pregnant with my sweet and oldest daughter, I decided that I wanted to lose some weight.  I was not happy with my body.  I didn’t feel good in my body.  The way that my clothes fit was not making me happy.  In fact, I just wanted to hide any chance that I got.  That is not a good way to feel.  It is very sad and very lonely.  It’s like living in a battle with yourself everyday.

I have felt that I had a weight issue my whole life.  I remember being about 9 and wanting my mom to buy me slim fast so that I could lose the weight that I felt was making me feel ugly.  What a sad thing for a little girl to think and to feel.  And now having my own two little girls younger than that, I don’t want them to ever feel that way.  But I have learned and still am learning that this is something that we have to move through on our own.

You Can Get Healthy

We have to learn that we are worthy of caring and loving ourselves.  First we have to accept ourselves for who we are including what we look like.  But then we have to know that we are worth the time and effort to get healthy.  To get healthy physically but also mentally with ourselves.

Strength Control

For me it was learning how to listen to my body and give it what it needs.  I always felt that I couldn’t control my appetite and had to eat everything that I wanted and a lot of it.   It was bad, to the point of sadness and making myself physically sick. I know now that there are issues that I was dealing with and still sometimes deal with that I try to cover up with eating.  Eating is for nurturing our bodies and for giving our bodies the energy it needs.  I have learned to control my eating better and there are still days that I let it go out of hand.  But then I realize what is going on and that I need attention somewhere else in my life.  I have other ways that I am learning to succeed with that.

But what I want to share with you today is a great tool that I has helped me so much.  I came across this when I first learned that eating was not the answer to everything that I was dealing with. That I could be in control of it and of my body.  I learned that I am not a victim and that I control my body and what I put into it.  This great tool is the wonderful book:  Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon.  This completely opened up my mind to a different and better way of living.  I love how it helped me feel in control and strong.  I love how it gave me the tools I needed to take back my life after so many years of overeating and hiding in shame.

Great Tool. Help Yourself!

There are so many great tools out there and so many not so great.  And you have to do your research and listen to what will speak to you.  I feel that there are so many things that will work.  But not everything will work for everyone.

But this helped me and if it could help you too I want to share it with you. So, do yourself a favor and look into this wonderful tool Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon.  It is somewhat new and it is very exciting.  You will feel so in control of your life with this great tool and will help you become healthy and strong in so many ways.  Good luck and let me know how wonderful it works for you!

Sending you love and wishing the best for you always. 🙂

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Making The Best of Your Morning

Good Morning!

Best Morning -Yes, here you are with me this morning.

I appreciate it, thank you so much.

Best Morning-You know that moment when you wake up in the morning full of energy? Yeah, me neither.
Super Funny ! Had to share


I know how easy it is especially during Summer vacation to want to get right back into bed.  My daughter is off from school and we spend a lot of time at home, which I love.  My two daughters are truly the happiness in my soul.  So, when I know that they are off in sweet slumber still at 6 in the morning I want to do the same.

But let me tell you, if you can spend that time in the morning, in the quiet of the day, doing what you enjoy and being productive it will make your day so much better.


Make Your Bed

I have found that if I make my bed right away then I am less likely to get back into it and sleep away a few more hours. And let me tell you, my brand new bed is amazing and so comfortable :).

I have days that can be hectic with appointments, going to the park and doing home school learning and activities.  That one little action of making my bed will wake me up and get me going.  Of course, the cup of coffee that I get to enjoy is helpful as well. Once I am up and my body knows it, it is easier to get started with my brand new day.  The birds are outside chirping, happy and beautiful.  Good Morning sweet birds! Best Morning.

Look at this Morning Ritual Mastery here! 

Now What? Move It!

So now that I’m up what do I do?  Well, today for instance, I grabbed my cup of coffee, put on some workout gear and tennis shoes and did a quick 10 min Oxycise! workout.  Let me tell you, this workout takes some getting used to because of the deep wonderful breathing.  But once you get it, you will start feeling energized and alert.  You will feel happy that you did something so good for yourself.  And if you do it consistently you will see and feel your body tone up and your clothes become looser, whoohoo!

Of course, I don’t stick with one type of workout or exercise even though Oxycise! is one of my favorites.  I like to switch it up, I do tend to get bored easily.  Weight lifting I enjoy as well, mostly at home and thanks to Youtube there is plenty to keep me interested and motivated. Oh and how can I forget Zumba! I love love Zumba! But I prefer it in person, in a class dancing away with the rest of the zumbaers, is that a word? haha.

O.k., so, I have my heart pumping, my body and mind are awake and now it’s time for some work online and to get my blog going while my sweet little ones sleep some more.  Once I am done, we of course have running around to do.  We will have a wonderful day, especially because I made sure to start it this way, for me and especially, for them.

Best Morning. Ohh Happy Day!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

I hope that you too have a wonderful morning and rest of the day.  Know that these little things really help.  It takes some time and you will not always get it right, but that’s o.k., you are o.k.

Wishing you a best morning and magnificent day! Don’t forget to check this out!

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