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 Smile! Let everyone know that today, you're stronger than you were yesterday.

Smile Anyway

Smile, it’s o.k. You know when your day gets to be a bit tough.  When it seems like things are not working out as you wanted them to.  Of course, you know exactly what I am talking about.  I feel that as well.  It is normal, it is Life.  Maybe it’s Life’s way of keeping us on our toes.  Of making sure that we are reminded that we have help available to us, but we need to ask for it.

Ask for help, it will be given.  You were not brought to this Life to live it alone.  You are not here to be stressed all the time.  Life is supposed to be full of joy and happy times.  So, why does it feel like a struggle sometimes?  That’s because you and I allow others to make things harder for us.  And then allow for outside situations to take over.  What’s a great way to start to overcome that?  I think Smiling is very helpful.   I know it’s easier said that done.  But I have found in my life, that smiling will change things around.  It might not fix that tough situation or person that you have deal with, but it will help you feel a little bit of hope.

Just Smile

Smiling will “trick” your brain into thinking that you are happy.  It will help you feel happy inside, your feelings and your emotions.  If you started off in an irritated or stressful mood when you made yourself smile, then you will end up feeling lighter and like you do want to smile.  I don’t know all the technical aspects of how it works.  But to me all that is important is that it does work.  I have to make myself do it too.  I set up a reminder on my phone calendar to smile.  And it helps me.  It eases me a bit and makes everything seem a bit more manageable. You can set that up on your phone as well or if it works better to do it on a calendar that you can put in your house, do it.  Whatever will remind you and will help you.

Give it a try, let me know how it helps you.

Wishing you great reasons to smile!

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