Come On in

Welcome to The Emerald Garden

Welcome inside Red Orange Light Green and Dark Green Circles

Welcome, I have created this place for you. Come and relax. Enjoy your day, if even for a moment.

You have so much to do with your day.  Yes,  you are almost always so busy, I know it. And there are so many people in your life who are counting on you. They need you.  And they need so much from you. But you have to remember that you need to take care of yourself first.  Once you are o.k. then those in your life can be o.k. Take a moment and just breathe. Maybe you can slow down for even 5 minutes.  This will help you get through your day.  I really hope that you find some nice words to help you feel better because then I know I have helped you.  That is what I really want, to help you. That way you can help yourself and the important people in your life.

So give yourself permission to be kind to yourself.  It’s o.k. to put yourself first once in a while. Those in your life need the best from you.  They deserve it and most importantly, You Deserve It!

Go Ahead..Be Your Best Today

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